The Local Government Unit of Trento in collaboration with the Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD|) through the KALAHI CIDSS NCDDP and the  Sibog Katawhan Alang sa Paglambo, Inc. (SIKAP) successfully held the Municipal Talakayan with a theme “Organikanhong Kokabildo, Okey ka Trento!” on December 20, 2016 at R.M. Billanes Gymnasium. The occasion discussed municipal profile, development status, development needs, interventions, gaps and development agenda of the municipality.

Alexander Zambrano of SIKAP started the “talakayan” with the  preliminaries and overview which was followed by a series of session by the different speakers assigned.

Ludivina Cornella, MENRO of Trento, talked about the municipal profile and the development status of Trento. She revealed the latest recognition received by the municipality with their effort to deliver the basic services.

In session 2, Emelynda Y. Carcueva of SIKAP discussed the municipality’s development needs, interventions on areas and gaps that need to be realized and given attention.

Anastacio C. Burdeos, Jr. MPDC of Trento, elaborated about the Municipal Development Agenda where plans for prioritized fields of development for the succeeding years are publicized.

The afternoon session of the program started with a gallery walk through the photos exhibited featuring developments in the municipality followed by the Forum Group Discussion with the participants.

Synthesis and participant’s evaluation rolled out on the last part of the program. Participants were grateful of the event having known the status of the municipality and the development of other fields which are considered important.