Municipal Ordinance No. 001-2017,” An ordinance prohibiting the stockpiling of sand, gravel and quarry materials in the Municipality of Trento, Agusan del Sur

Municipal Ordinance No. 002-2017″ An ordinance allowing the public to use RM Billanes Gym every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6 PM TO 9 PM for Free”

Municipal Ordinance No. 012-2017, “Gender and Development Code in the municipality of Trento”

Municipal Ordinance No. 015-2017, “An ordinance amending Sec.10 and Sec.11 of Mun.Ord.No.016-2012, “An ordinance prescribing the day, time and place of the “tabo” operation and promulgating rules and regulations thereof

Municipal Ordinance No. 016-2017, ” Anti-Muffler Modification Ordinance

Municipal Ordinance No. 017-2017, “An ordinance regulating the putting up signage of Chemicals and Fertilizers within the municipality of Trento

Municipal Ordinance 018-2017, ” An ordinance requiring all business establishments to hang streamers supporting Santikan Festival

Municipal Ordinance No. 019-2017,”The total ban of Manufacture, Sale, Distribution, Possession and Use of Firecrackers of Pyrotechnic Devices  within territorial jurisdiction of Trento, Agusan del Sur”

Municipal Ordinance No. 020-2017, “Trento AIDS Prevention and Control Ordinance

Municipal Ordinance No. 023-2017, “An ordinance laying of road humps fronting the two gates of Roman Catholic Church and declaring the same  as Slow Down Zone

Municipal Ordinance No. 026-2017, An Ordinance amending Sec.5 of Municipal Ordinance No. 016-2017, ” An ordinance prohibiting the use of Bora-bora muffler or any other motorcycle devices that amplifies the regular muffler that would create extra loud noise in the municipality of Trento, Agusan del Sur

Municipal Ordinance No. 027-2017, “An ordinance authorizing Temporary Full Closure of Carlos P. Garcia Street from September 18, 2017 to October 5, 2017 during Santikan Festival  and Parochial Fiesta

Municipal Ordinance No. 028-2017, Municipal Ordinance amending Municipal Ordinance No. 9-90 “Imposing a Safety Hour along  the perimeter area of Trento Public Market from 10:00 PM to  2:00 AM” to include the entire Municipality  in the coverage of the safety hour

Municipal Ordinance No. -029-2017, “An ordinance establishing the Clean and Green Program mandating family backyard gardening and providing funds therefor

Municipal Ordinance No. 030-2017, An ordinance requiring house numbering to all houses in the municipality of Trento

Municipal Ordinance No. 031-2017, “An ordinance regulating the cutting  of Oil Palm trees and the conduct of “Laksi” and kalakat industries and providing penalties for violations hereof

Municipal Ordinance No. 032-2017, An ordinance requiring all motorized tricycle operators within the municipality of Trento to put name of the operator in both sides of their tricycle

Municipal Ordinance No.033-2017, An ordinance prohibiting smoking in all public places in the municipality of Trento and imposing penalties of violations

Municipal Ordinance 034-2017, An ordianance prohibiting all kinds of animals to stray in public and private streets, plazas, parks, providing penalties for violations thereof and for other  purposes

Municipal Ordinance No 036-2017, An ordinance authorizing the Temporary Road Closure of a portion of J.Luna Street on Sept.28, 2017 for the 2nd Anniversary Celebration of Bykelink Motor Inc.