Municipal Ordinance No. Title Date Approved Author
001-2015 An ordinance requiring motor registration in the application of Mayor’s Permit for MCTOP and MCHOP January 14, 2015 Hon. Julito M. Cabusas
002-2015 An ordinance fixing the rate of tricycle fare in the municipality of Trento March 25, 2015 Hon. Julito M. Cabusas
005-2015 An ordinance designating Lot No. 55, GSS 10-00021 as Site for Solid Waste and Disposal Area May 5, 2015 Hon. Rey S. Tagal, Sr.
005-A-2015 An ordinance creating the Position of Social Welfare Officer I in the municipality of Trento June 16, 2015 Hon. Ludy A. Andale
006-2015 An ordinance renaming the Confidential and Intelligence Expenses to Confidential Fund pursuant to the joint Circular No. 2015-01 June 23, 2015 Hon. William E. Calvez, CE
007-2015 Ordinance authorizing the Temporary Full Closure of Carlos P. Garcia Street from September 10, 2015 to October 10, 2015, for the Santikan Festival August 11, 2015 Hon. Victoria L. Plaza
007-A-2015 An ordinance renaming Trento Infirmary into Trento Community Hospital September 8, 2015 Hon. Victoria L. Plaza
008-2015 An ordinance enacting the revised Trento Investment Incentive Code of 2015, and for other purposes September 15, 2015 Hon. George G. Diel
010-2015 An ordinance prohibiting persons engaged in lending activities from accepting 4P’s Cash Card as collateral for loan and providing penalties therefore October 13, 2015 Hon. Ludy A. Andale
011-2015 An ordinance creating the Plantilla positions for Nurse I, Midwife I and Administrative Officer IV and appropriating funds therefor December 15, 2015 Hon. Edcil Marie D. Pagayon
001-2014 An ordinance regulating the disposition of Lots at Bagong Silang Slum Upgrading Project February 26, 2014 Hon. Permita B. Lamberto
002-2014 An ordinance creating the Municipal Committee Against Squatting Syndicates and Professional Squatters (MCASSPS) February 26, 2014 Hon. Permita B. Lamberto
003-2014 An ordinance amending Municipal Ordinance No. 008-2012, to include Barangay Fitness and Sports Council February 26, 2014 Hon. Edcil Marie D. Pagayon
004-2014 Ordinance establishing Barangay Violence Against Women and their Children (VAWC) Desks April 16, 2014 Author:

Hon. George G. Diel


Hon. Ludy A. Andale


Hon. Victoria L. Plaza

005-2014 An ordinance cresting the Barangay Lady Legislators League of this Municipality April 16, 2014 Hon. Ludy A. Andale


An ordinance Condoning Interest and penalties of all Delinquent Lease Accounts of Block Tienda at the Public Market and at the Bus Terminal of this municipality May 14, 2014 Author:

Hon. William E. Calvez, CE



Hon. George G. Diel




An ordinance authorizing the New Proposed Borrowing of the Municipality of Trento in the amount of Eleven Million Nine Hundred Seventy One Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Nine and 06/100 (P11,971,229.06) to fund the maintenance and rehabilitation of existing Farm to Market Roads, Municipal Streets, Barangay Roads and Drainage System June 4, 2014 Hon. William E. Calvez, CE



An ordinance prohibiting the Sale of Firecrackers to Children aged Twelve (12) years Old and Below June 25, 2014 Author:

Hon. Ludy A. Andale



Hon. Victoria L. Plaza




An ordinance regulating the use of Videoke Houses in the municipality of Trento June 25, 2014 Hon. George G. Diel
010-2014 An ordinance prescribing the establishment of Junkshops in the Municipality of Trento July 9, 2014 Hon. George G. Diel


An ordinance regulating the usage of Bonnet/Mask/Helmet and any other similar Headgear in this municipality July 9, 2014 Hon. Rey S. Tagal, Sr.


An ordinance authorizing the temporary full closure of Carlos P. Garcia street from September 10, 2014 to October 10, 2014, for the Santikan Festival September 10, 2014 Hon. Julito M. Cabusas









An ordinance  creating the position of Executive Assistant II, a coterminous status with salary Grade 17 under the Office of the Municipal Mayor, and appropriating funds thereof



An ordinance promulgating the standing policies of Office Decorum for the Local Government Unit of Trento

November 19, 2014





November 12, 2014

Hon. Edcil Marie D. Pagayon





Hon. Julito M. Cabusas



An ordinance exempting the Sitio Electrification Program (SEP) Beneficiaries from Payment of Mayor Permit Fees November 12, 2014 Hon. William E. Calvez