In my first term as your Local Chief Executive, you have allowed me to take pride of the efficiency of our local government operations as we see development in most aspects of our society, having created and maintained conditions of a dignified living, and making the constituents realize their potential to the fullest extent possible.

Though it may not seem ideally perfect, our overall performance index for the past years were considerably high, vouching the fact that our local government unit has been faring well with sound governance. With this, I am confident to affirm that our executive and legislative bodies have successfully concerted their efforts in the battle against poverty, peace, and the core essence of democracy.

Sustainable human development has been the absolute aim of our present administration, anchored equally to strong administrative governance, social ascendancy, economic supremacy, environmental control and the valuing fundamentals of governance which includes transparency in all aspects.

Having this website as our perpetual window to each government proceeding, it makes me feel confident that each constituent acquires ease in access to his or her every transaction. I feel confident in the same manner, that this digital portal of us will enhance our community interaction giving way to efficient consultative governance.

With this, I am expressing my heartfelt gratitude to all those who made this website possible with high expectation that you, my constituents will be with me through thick and thin.

God bless Trento!


Municipal Mayor