Clean-Up Drive. LGU Trento’s initiative in cleaning the municipality. Every Friday, 5:00 o’clock in the morning, LGU Employees are required to clean their assigned areas.

Zumba Dance. One of the health wellness programs of the Municipal Government of Trento. After Clean-Up Drive, LGU employees are also required to participate on the Zumba Dance led by the Human Resource Management Office.

Investment Incentive Program. Local Government Unit of Trento passed an ordinance providing incentives to investors who will invest in Trento. (For more details, read the Municipal Ordinance No. 008-2015, “The Revised Trento Investment Incentive Code”, that can be seen to this website.

TECH4ED.  The Tech4ED Project provides access points for individuals and communities to bridge the digital and education divide. It promotes grassroots development and opportunities for inclusive growth and poverty reduction. (Visit and click “tech4ed” icon then create your own account. For assistance on creating account, you can call 085 255 2249)


Construction of One (1) Unit Day Care Center

Construction of Foot Bridge

Concreting of Service Road fronting RM Billanes Gymnasium

Note: Other projects are next to be uploaded after getting photos of accomplishment as means of verification.